Art Director Solei

I am heliophile, great listener and an explorer. My love to sun explains why I moved from Ukraine to Florida five years ago. 

Enjoying sun as a tour guide in Turkey during summer and fighting cold on the ski resort in Ukraine during winters, made my decision towards sunshine state even easier.

Bachelor degree in tourism helped me get a job as a Visual Manager in Hollister and showed that I was on the right path.

With a little bit of English I created a habit of a great listener, where I would absorb new words and culture.

During three years in retail I mastered leadership skills, teamwork, customer service and l learned how to fold jeans the quickest and prettiest way.

But I wanted to learn more, and to be able to give more, which lead me to Miami Ad School.

Two intense years of school and work, helped me explore new countries, cultures, experiences, it helped me find my passion in branding and photography. Which, I am currently keep exploring in SF, CA while looking for my perfect spot under the sun.