Napi. Product Creation.

Napi is the backpack with the benefits of the sleeping bag. It was created for people who are on the go, whether commuting to work or traveling the world. We know what it’s like to deal with long commutes, delayed flights, and busy schedules. We end up stuck at the office or in an airport more often than we would like to. In these situations, we usually grieve all the sleep we’re missing out on, but with Napi you can sleep anywhere, anytime.

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How it works.

Napi is the bag you can use to sleep anywhere! Here’s how it works, the bag is divided into separate compartments that make it easy to organize and store your clothing in anyway of your choosing. The clothing in each compartment acts like a cushion on a bed, so you can lay it out anywhere and sleep on it exactly like a sleeping bag! When not in use, roll it back up, strap it on like an ordinary backpack, and head to your next destination.

Art Director: Svitlana Kyfiak

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